About Us

Health in Kind (HIK) seeks to provide free health services with fully qualified and registered medical and allied health professionals to children and members of the local community from disadvantaged backgrounds and where there is a potential gap between the local health providers and the individual.

Our Values

In providing these services the values incorporated include Understanding, Love and Compassion, Quality and Respect.

Our Work

Health in Kind presents to children, families and the local community, an opportunity to receive holistic health care and wellbeing, delivered by experienced professionals, free of charge in areas and communities of need.

Qualified and registered Medical, Dental and Allied health professionals volunteer their time and skills to reach out to children and members of the community  from rural areas and from disadvantaged backgrounds in a friendly environment to provide free health and dental screenings and advice.

This service addresses any potential gap between the local health providers and the individual and aids the overall health care process. The services provided include:

  • Background Consultation
  • General Medical Screening
  • Dental treatments at follow up locations
  • Health and hygiene education
  • Dental Services
  • Allied / Mental Health education
  • School support through meal preparation
  • Self-development programs for kids