Divine Mother and Child Health Program

Volunteers from the Health in Kind Foundation conduct free medical, and dental screenings as well as health education for mothers, students and children as per the Divine Mother and Child Health Program. The sessions are held monthly in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth and as per need in the Tweed & Murwillumbah region.

The sessions are specifically designed to support mothers requiring assistance with their physical, mental and emotional wellness.


Divine Mother and Child consultations – Melbourne 13th February 2019

Today’s divine mother and child session was held in Wyndham Vale. Today, part from our usual team of 3 doctors, 1 social worker, 1 dentist and 1 dental assistant, we also had 3 additional new volunteers; a dentist, a Melbourne university dental student and a first year university student. It was lovely to see our regular mothers and children. A few new families attended as well. The doctors and social worker did a presentation which summarised last year’s topics. There was discussions about other topics that the mothers were interested on.

Our doctors performed 3 consultations and the dentist treated 6 patients. Other volunteers were invaluable with the scanning of documentation and entertaining the children. With the spirit of Chinese New Year, little red envelope gifts were given to the children. Fruits were also distributed to all the families.


Divine Mother and Child consultations – Melbourne 15th September 2018

It was a windy but lovely spring main Dandenong today where we had our Divine mother and child service. There were many helping hands to provide nourishing food and a healthy fruit platter for the families that came. We had 2 dental assistants, 1 dentist and 1 GP in hand. There were approximately 4 families and 2 ladies that visited today. The GP consulted approximately 7 people and the dentist saw 6 patients.

Toys were given out to the little children who gratefully received them. Many of those that visited appreciated the warm drink, food and a comfortable place to talk & share their lives experiences. It also gave a chance to the small children to have a play while the mothers could speak with the volunteers about their needs.

Kinship festival – Murwillumbah 19th May 2018

Health in Kind volunteers carried out medical and dental services at the annual Kinship festival in Murwillumbah, New South Wales on 19 May 2018. It was a huge turnout for the festival itself, so the team was blessed with many more people visiting than usual. There was approximately 30 Dentistry screenings performed, 15 audiology screenings, 20 medical checks and five mental health consultations. Sai Vibronics consultations was carried out all day as well. Multiple hearing and dental problems were picked up – particularly in children. Many parents were grateful for the service provided. Thank you to all volunteers.

Divine Mother and Child consultations – Melbourne 9th May 2018

Approximately 15-17 mums attended with their children to the free Divine mother and child medical and dental consultations. We delivered the first in a series of presentations on healthy choice foods that will be run throughout the year. The presentation was well received. Mothers were then given the Mother’s Day gifts.

Free monthly medical and dental screening for students at Toogoolawah School.

Students from Toogoolawah school received free dental and medical screening as well as free lunch by members of the Health in Kind Foundation. A doctor, dentist and student nurse provided screenings while volunteers cooked and served lunch and fruit at the end of the session. Students were delighted and all of them enjoyed the food.


Tweed Heads

In Tweed and Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Health in Kind Foundation volunteers were invited to provide health checks and health education at various preschools in 2017. Free health checks were provided for the mothers and children of the Guyahyn Aboriginal Playgroup for Jarjum’s Day, for families at Fun day and for children at a few other preschools in the area.

For the Jarjums Day, the health professionals that were present included a nurse, audiologist and pharmacist. The nurse delivered an informative and interactive presentation on the health condition, otitis media (a group of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear). A number of questions were asked by the audience throughout the presentation, which facilitated a strong, group-learning environment. Additionally, the audiologist performed ear checks and contributed to the otitis media education session. Finally, the pharmacist dealt with various health queries that came up throughout the day.

The comfortable setting of this health session was very conducive in terms of engaging the mums and children with the health education and health checks. The organisers of the playgroup were highly appreciative of Health in Kind’s contribution and are keen for Health in Kind to participate in future health days.


Dental and health education programs are provided at an Indigenous preschool in Brisbane on a regular basis. The children have been provided with dental kits and healthy food as part of the program.


In Melbourne, Victoria, health specialists and volunteers from Health in Kind Foundation have been working with the refugee community to implement the Divine mother and child program with free medical and dental health screenings and health advice. At the most recent program held on the 1st of November, 2017, there were two general practitioners, one dentist and dental assistant. In the sessions, 25 medical screenings and 32 dental screenings were performed. The patients consisted of children (3 months to 5 years of age) and mothers. Free vitamin supplements and oral health bags were also provided for the families to take home. The feeling of joy and love was experienced by not just those receiving the service but also by those who have been involved in the program.


Volunteers in Perth, Western Australia host monthly health and values education days for the children at Minnawarra House for the families of Armadale and surrounding suburbs by providing a wellbeing program. Armadale is a low socio-economic area in Perth where crime rates are high, and is home to many children who come from broken homes and poor families. Minnawarra House is a community house in Armadale where needy residents come for food, therapeutic and social support. The volunteers also assist in preparing soups and sandwiches for distribution to families on a needs basis. Monthly services providing life skills and self-confidence building through Human Values programs and Holistic health care support have also been started.