This program reaches out to a wider community, from low socioeconomic backgrounds, in partnership with the local agencies.

Doctors, counselors, dentists and other health professionals provide free health and dental screenings to these communities and make them aware of risks or opportunities to seek further help. The attendees include individuals and families from diverse backgrounds.

The screenings involve dental checks, general medical checks like blood sugar levels and blood pressure, and intensive health and mental well- being discussions. In some cases, additional services from audiologists, physiotherapists and optometrists are provided. Food and personal hygiene items are also distributed, and participants are educated on health and hygiene matters.

Community Outreach

In Murwillumbah, New South Wales, in partnership with the local Kinship Festival, we conduct health and dental screenings for residents of the area. This engagement started in 2016 and has expanded each year to include people who otherwise may not have seen a health professional.

I would like to pass on my thanks and heartfelt appreciation to Health In Kind for supporting Guyahyn – our Aboriginal Early Childhood Project, The Kinship Festival and The Tweed Closing The Gap Day.

Health In Kind provided relevant, personalized and detailed health information to parents at our playgroup and to the entire community through the Kingship Festival and The Closing The Gap Day.

Having health professionals visit cultural community events allows community members to ask questions and get health and well-being advice in an informal environment. Health In Kind also provided ‘back to school’ health checks at Murwillumbah Community Centre in 2017 for vulnerable and isolated families.

Lara Bennett, Indigenous Programs Coordinator

Health In Kind has helped in creating a space where health care is easily accessible for the Indigenous as well as making it affordable. These are the usual two main barriers to the health care system for the Indigenous and Health In Kind is benefiting the community by filling this gap.

Deidrie, Aboriganal Elder

A similar community event was launched in Perth, Western Australia, connecting with the refugee community and engaging with others from disadvantaged backgrounds. The event in May 2019 provided a range of services including free health check-ups, dental screening, audiology and optometrist screening, physiotherapy check-ups and health awareness programs.

Community Outreach

These community events not only provide access to health services delivered by Health In Kind but also offer engagement opportunities between volunteers and people in the local community.

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