Health In Kind volunteers are involved in the medical outreach program to rural villages around Suva in Fiji. This outreach program is in partnership with the Sai Prema Foundation and their “Health on Wheels” initiative.

Frequently seeing over 200 patients in a day, services provided include,

  • Nursing
  • Diabetes education
  • Nutrition education
  • Medical reviews
  • Dental screening
  • Optometry, pharmacy
  • Women’s health discussions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Counseling services

Health In Kind also supports the project by providing medical and dental supplies.

Are you a medical professional? Would you like to volunteer in Fiji and be a part of this health outreach? We are always in need of doctors, nurses, dentists, audiologists and other medical specialists. So please join us in this fulfilling and worthy cause. Submit your interest and one of our volunteer doctors will be in contact with you to discuss how you can make a difference.

There is such an overwhelming need for health care in the rural villages. I was astounded at the poor state of people’s health, and furthermore, the lack of understanding of its seriousness. It’s vital that the next generation do not follow these same paths. The Fijian’s were some of the most beautiful, generous and warm people I have ever come across. I can’t wait to return!

Dr Georgina Brunton

The thriving of a nation and society lies in the inclusion of those living in the remote areas. The medical outreach program bridges the gap by providing health care that is accessible, affordable and acceptable to all its locals.

Soumya Bhaskara
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