Self Care Audios

One of the aims of Health in Kind website is to provide free health education.

On this page, you will find downloadable self-care audios which help reduce stress and generally improve mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Whether you are a client of Health in Kind, a volunteer with Health in Kind, a health care worker or you’re visiting the site, you will find these audios helpful.

If you have read the book Compassion – The Heart of Nursing, you will find the transcripts of the following relaxations, visualisations and meditations in the book.

The following is a list, with descriptions, of the free audios available.

General Relaxation
A guided relaxation which promotes calm and peaceful feelings. It’s great to listen to anytime when you want to reduce anxiety, de-stress or just simply relax.

Relaxation to calm the mind
This guided relaxation which begins by focusing on the breath, draws your attention to the words peace and love. The words, used in combination with the ebb and flow of the breath, help to calm and relax the mind.

Compassion meditation
This meditation is designed to open your heart to the healing effects of compassion. It is a beneficial exercise that aids emotional wellbeing.

Five-minute meditation
Whether you are short on time, struggling to meditate, or just beginning to learn to meditate, this quick, guided meditation will help you relax and experience peaceful feelings.

Self-compassion meditation
A guided meditation that fosters loving-kindness, tenderness and forgiveness towards oneself. It’s a meditation that helps heal emotional pain and one that is beneficial in developing a compassionate nature.

Visualisation for self-compassion
This self-compassion visualisation aids emotional and mental healing. It is an excellent practice that softens self-criticism and develops a kinder and more compassionate language towards oneself.

Mindful breathing to promote calmness and patience
A quick practice that will enable you to be calmer during stressful situations. It is also a very useful practice to help develop the quality of patience.